About Hadley

Hadley is Proof You Can Do It!

Hadley Allen transformed herself from an elite Juilliard degreed Violist to one of the more dynamic, experienced, and highly credentialed physical fitness professionals in the Chicagoland area. Perhaps it’s her unique artistic talents that make Hadley especially sensitive to her training clients needs. Numerous testimonials attest to qualities of personal compassion as well as knowledge of the latest in the art and science of exercise physiology and nutrition. Above all, it’s clear that Hadley is dedicated to inspire others to perform well in the gym to perform well in their lives.

“Through music I learned discipline and experienced the emotional fulfillment of truly connecting to something larger than myself. We all have obstacles and difficult passages that can be made easier and then habitual and then beautiful. A good physical trainer makes us conscious that our body is our instrument and we must honor it and keep it in tune so that we may accomplish what we were originally designed to do.”

Hadley realized her truest happiness came from physical fitness. “I remember running for miles along the rain-soaked streets of Manhattan and having an epiphany that this is my calling. It all came together. I need my body to be in harmony with my mind. I finally gave myself permission.”

She immersed herself in the science of exercise and the psychology of human motivation and built on professional skills already in place. Over the next few years Hadley refined her methods and pushed her own limits to lead by example. By age 39, Hadley competed in her first physical fitness competition and won second place in her age category! Hadley’s clients include Ironman competitors—the fittest of the fit—to those who have never exercised and all shapes and sizes in between.

“The best part of the profession for me is what I learn from my clients about human potential,  “I started training a 78 year old woman that by now, age 86, dead lifts more than her own body weight. We need to work with the elements of aging instead of warring against them. I help clients achieve lower body fat, higher strength, and better energy than they possessed earlier in life.”


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