Hadley on “Paid to Lose It”

Hadley on “Paid to Lose It”


 Meet Hadley, a Juilliard-trained violist-turned-fitness guru. 


Hadley discusses David’s workouts and progress in the second week of training. David also comments on the workout regime and how Hadley is helping him on his weight-loss journey. 

Hadley discusses David’s shocking decision and reveals her two, new clients.

Week 3 pt 2 : Hadley and Ron demonstrate how to use equipment from Sears

Hadley and Ron discuss training progress with Andrea

In a second conversation with Andrea, Hadley updates us of Ron’s progress at the 1 week mark. Ron also shares how he is handling the diet and training regime.

Hadley updates us on Ron & the Mystery Client’s weight loss changes and challenges

Hadley discusses Ron’s injury and how that affects his progress.

Although Ron is out with an injury, Hadley describes how Mystery Client Brenda is making progress. Ron shares how his shoulder injury has affected his weight loss regime. 

In the season finale episode of Paid to Lose It, Hadley and Ron talk about their successes and challenges during the training experience. 

Hadley’s tips for great-looking arms!